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West End View of Vancouver

How to be a Successful, Highly Rated Airbnb Host

Want to add your property to the more than 550,000 spaces listed on Airbnb? The growth and popularity of the business is exploding and for good reason. Travellers can spend less than they would in a hotel and have a far better experience. In less than five years over 10 million guests have used the service and it’s only going to increase. Why not join the Airbnb ranks as a host and turn your extra space into a source of income generation?
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Mountain Biking in Moab

Day 50: Taking On the World Capital of Mountain Biking

Moab, Utah is bound on multiple sides by towering red rock formations. The Colorado River runs along the northern edge and Arches National Park just a few miles farther beyond. It is a mecca for people looking for adventure on the rocks and the river. Main Street is crowded with businesses offering rentals and tours for exploring the stunningly beautiful area – via mountain bike, 4×4 vehicle, kayak or raft. But no part of the culture is as popular as ripping up the rocky desert trails on a mountain bike.
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The Vancouver 4 Star Yelp Review

We’re a little confused about how to find good food under $13 in Vancouver, BC. We normally depend on the two dollar sign/four star Yelp review because in San Francisco, where we’ve lived for the past few years, it’s an almost foolproof way of finding delicious food. We started out with recommendations from friends and locals and crosschecked them with Yelp. We ate at numerous places that fit the Yelp criteria we look for, but time and time again we were a bit disappointed. I mean the food was good, but not in our opinion good enough to warrant hundreds of four and five star reviews.
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Day 39: Views of Tofino

There’s a magical little town called Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, where the energy is youthful and vibrant and the natural beauty is overwhelming. Towering mountains hugged by patches of fog lit by the morning sun look down upon a gorgeous array of islands and house boats nestled in an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Fishing boats set out to get their day’s catch and surfers hang out at coffee shops when they’re not riding their bicycles with surfboards attached on their way to amazing beaches. We camped for 3 nights at an incredible beach with a view of scattered islands and tree lined cliffs and slept in our cozy tent falling asleep to the sound of lapping waves.
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Ritter Sport Chocolate

The Dynamics of Sharing a 9 Square Ritter Sport

Normally figuring out how to split a Ritter Sport chocolate bar between the two of us is a no-brainer. It’s a 4×4 square, meaning a total of 16 pieces of chocolate to share. Typically I divvy out the pieces. I open the package and I make sure Erin and I get an equal number of corner pieces and middle pieces of the first row of chocolate, and so forth with each row of the rest of the bar.
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