Green Curry

Recipe: Campfire Thai Green Curry

We’ve always loved our Thai food, but ever since our first visit to Thailand, we just can’t get enough of it. Alleah always says eating thai food in Thailand literally gets her high, and I have to admit it’s not a bad way to describe the powerfully delicious meals we’ve had there. When we’re not in Thailand we still love to make our own versions of the delicous stuff, and, fortunately, as long as we’re packing some pre-made Thai curry paste and a can of coconut milk, it’s really easy to do wherever we are.
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Day 39: Views of Tofino

There’s a magical little town called Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, where the energy is youthful and vibrant and the natural beauty is overwhelming. Towering mountains hugged by patches of fog lit by the morning sun look down upon a gorgeous array of islands and house boats nestled in an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Fishing boats set out to get their day’s catch and surfers hang out at coffee shops when they’re not riding their bicycles with surfboards attached on their way to amazing beaches. We camped for 3 nights at an incredible beach with a view of scattered islands and tree lined cliffs and slept in our cozy tent falling asleep to the sound of lapping waves.
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Ritter Sport Chocolate

The Dynamics of Sharing a 9 Square Ritter Sport

Normally figuring out how to split a Ritter Sport chocolate bar between the two of us is a no-brainer. It’s a 4×4 square, meaning a total of 16 pieces of chocolate to share. Typically I divvy out the pieces. I open the package and I make sure Erin and I get an equal number of corner pieces and middle pieces of the first row of chocolate, and so forth with each row of the rest of the bar.
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This part of Oregon is littered with dormant (and a few with some future life buried inside) volcanoes!

Day 10: Scoring an Amazing, Secluded and Free Campsite on Klamath Lake

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we don’t travel with much in the way of plans. After spending the night camping for free all alone in a dirt parking area on one of the banks of the Rogue River in southern Oregon, we weren’t sure where to head next but we knew we needed to find somewhere a bit more enchanting. After a chat with a river guide who showed up that morning on the riverbank we decided to head a few hours east past Klamath Lake to a reservoir with a supposedly pleasant campground.
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Pancakes, Egg & Foraged Blackberries

Day 7: An Apple Orchard and a Giant Redwood Forest

Picture yourself bathed in warm sunlight just outside the shadows of giant redwood trees to one side and standing in a glowing, buzzing golden meadow. You can smell summer merging into fall and hear distant gurgling of the flowing creek just out of view beyond the meadow’s blackberry bushes on the opposite end. The middle of the meadow is dotted with large apple trees. There are 25, maybe 30, of them planted hundreds of years ago by early settlers here – two young lovers leaving a legacy, as the story goes – the young man for which this campsite was named.
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