The Vancouver 4 Star Yelp Review

We’re a little confused about how to find good food under $13 in Vancouver, BC. We normally depend on the two dollar sign/four star Yelp review because in San Francisco, where we’ve lived for the past few years, it’s an almost foolproof way of finding delicious food. We started out with recommendations from friends and locals and crosschecked them with Yelp. We ate at numerous places that fit the Yelp criteria we look for, but time and time again we were a bit disappointed. I mean the food was good, but not in our opinion good enough to warrant hundreds of four and five star reviews.

We have a theory on the subject. We think that Vancouverians are all about getting bang for their buck. Everywhere we ate, although the food was not incredible, the portion sizes were pretty big. We recently learned that Vancouver is very expensive and that many people are underpaid. Could it be that the Yelp reviews are inflated because of this economic dynamic? Are they just concerned with getting a big portion of decent food? Does anyone have any insight on this?

Let’s just be clear. Vancouver is an amazing city. Beautiful glass buildings separate the mountains in the background with the to-die-for views of the water. Our most memorable activities were certainly renting bikes and riding along the waterfront and running through the forest in Stanley Park.

Vancouver is well worth the visit, especially in the summer when the rain in minimal. It’s a perfect city sans the under $13 meal.


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